Counting Down

 Posted by Jacquelyn at 6:03 am  Costa Rica
Jul 172015


My name is Jacquelyn but the majority often call me Jacque. I am originally from Fullerton, CA, but I currently live on the east-coast to attend graduate school at the University of Maryland Baltimore.  So this week I have started packing for my quickly approaching departure date, and today I went to my pharmacy to get one of the vaccines that I need for my trip to Costa Rica.  While at the pharmacy I called my grandma to ask her a random question like I usually do, fortunately she was awake when I called.  See she lives on the west-coast so I always have to remember that they are three hours behind me, and sometimes I forget and call her kind of early.  After she answered the phone, she proceeded to ask me how I was doing and if I was excited for my trip.  Honestly at that moment she sounded more excited for the trip than I did.  For so many years I have been waiting to travel and volunteer overseas, and now that it is finally happening everything seems so surreal to me. As I took a second to think about her question, I realized that yes I am excited!  This is a whole new journey for me, and I am so grateful and excited to have a chance to experience this new culture and language first hand.  I have studied Spanish and the Latin culture for some of my adult life, but now I will finally be able to be immersed in it and feel all of its beauty.  Just thinking about the different sounds and smells and sights I will see makes me want to get there as soon as possible.  So as I continue to pack and gather the last few essentials for my trip, I will remember this feeling and keep my mind focused on the new journey I am embarking on.  I can’t wait to tell you guys how my adventure unfolds, and about the new people I will meet.


P.S. I can’t wait to post pictures of me zip-lining (fingers crossed)


Until next time,




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