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The Global Volunteer Network currently has opportunities aimed at providing primary and secondary education to needy children, and community outreach and counseling with our partner organization in Uganda.

Our partner has projects based in Mukono Town and within nearby villages. These projects provide an opportunity to experience Ugandan life first-hand while working to improve your host community.

For more information, please visit the Uganda program page on the Global Volunteer Network website.

Recent Uganda Journals:

Day 13

 Posted by Daniel Loura at 6:30 pm  Uganda  Comments Off on Day 13
Jul 132016

Have been forgetting to write. Today we worked at the clinic.

Day 11

 Posted by Daniel Loura at 12:36 am  Uganda  Comments Off on Day 11
Jul 112016

Went back to teaching. I taught the children how to weave. Tomorrow i will teach about the cold war.

Day 9

 Posted by Daniel Loura at 5:50 am  Uganda  Comments Off on Day 9
Jul 092016

Went white water rafting in the Nile.  This was wonderful, I also went bungee jumping.

Day 8

 Posted by Daniel Loura at 5:13 pm  Uganda  Comments Off on Day 8
Jul 082016

I taught preschoolers today.  Me and 4 other volunteers are heading to Jinja for rafting.

Day 7

 Posted by Daniel Loura at 4:13 pm  Uganda  Comments Off on Day 7
Jul 072016

It was pretty good, we took down names at the clinic.  I didn’t take down too many because I had to get the hang of Luganda.  I’ll get there soon.

Day 6

 Posted by Daniel Loura at 4:26 am  Uganda  Comments Off on Day 6
Jul 062016

The clinic was not very busy today, mostly HIV patients.  Tomorrow is supposed to be a busy day at the clinic.

Day 5

 Posted by Daniel Loura at 11:01 pm  Uganda  Comments Off on Day 5
Jul 042016

My second day teaching was very easy, the children are starting to understand my accent as I theirs.  Tomorrow is Eid so the clinic may not be open.

Day 4

 Posted by Daniel Loura at 3:23 am  Uganda  Comments Off on Day 4
Jul 042016

My first day as a teacher was very nice.  I was called mzungu at first, but then the students called me teacher or master.  Tomorrow is Eid, so there will be no school, so I will work in the house.

Day 3

 Posted by Daniel Loura at 5:46 am  Uganda  Comments Off on Day 3
Jul 032016

It was another great day.  I feel that I am finally feeling at home; I even have an accent now.  Tomorrow is my first day of work as a teacher, I think it will go well.

Day 2

 Posted by Daniel Loura at 3:59 am  Uganda  Comments Off on Day 2
Jul 022016

Today was a good day.  We walked around Mukono and did a little shopping.  I arrived at my project today, while I still feel tired, I can’t wait to get started.

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