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The Global Volunteer Network currently has opportunities aimed at providing primary and secondary education to needy children, and community outreach and counseling with our partner organization in Uganda.

Our partner has projects based in Mukono Town and within nearby villages. These projects provide an opportunity to experience Ugandan life first-hand while working to improve your host community.

For more information, please visit the Uganda program page on the Global Volunteer Network website.

Recent Uganda Journals:

Day 23

 Posted by Daniel Loura at 6:00 am  Uganda  Comments Off on Day 23
Jul 242016

Leslie drove us back from Jinja. I slept off the party.

Day 22

 Posted by Daniel Loura at 10:47 pm  Uganda  Comments Off on Day 22
Jul 232016

Party on the Nile.

Day 21

 Posted by Daniel Loura at 7:46 pm  Uganda  Comments Off on Day 21
Jul 222016

We gave the kids two volleyballs, they were so happy. I shiped a box home.

Day 20

 Posted by Daniel Loura at 9:51 pm  Uganda  Comments Off on Day 20
Jul 202016

Bought some things in Mukono today. Made a pizza for the Balamu.

Day 19

 Posted by Daniel Loura at 1:24 am  Uganda  Comments Off on Day 19
Jul 202016

Another day at the clinic. Nothing unusual, exept that I’m addicted to street food now.

Day 18

 Posted by Daniel Loura at 5:08 am  Uganda  Comments Off on Day 18
Jul 192016

The school was having mid-terms today…my eyes were on everybody, absolutely no cheating allowed! Did I also mention I tried a cow leg and street rolex today?

Day 17

 Posted by Daniel Loura at 12:50 am  Uganda  Comments Off on Day 17
Jul 182016

Worked at the school again. I gave the students the gifts I brought from the US, their faces made me wish I lived in Uganda!

Day 16

 Posted by Daniel Loura at 7:33 pm  Uganda  Comments Off on Day 16
Jul 172016

Chillout day.

Day 15

 Posted by Daniel Loura at 2:34 am  Uganda  Comments Off on Day 15
Jul 162016

Met some new volunteers at Leslie’s house. Prayed at the mosque again.

Day 14

 Posted by Daniel Loura at 2:24 am  Uganda  Comments Off on Day 14
Jul 152016

Taught about the Cold War at Kabembe Parents School. For the first time, i prayed in a Mosque, it felt wonderful.

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