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Global Volunteer Network has a partnership with a unique organisation that allows volunteers to assist in an elephant rehabilitation program in beautiful Chiang Mai Province, Thailand. Join committed staff and volunteers in helping these intelligent animals readjust to life in the hill-country forests. Most of the animals in the program were maltreated prior to arriving at the project, often suffering from abuse, malnutrition, neglect or improper care. Some were rescued from the illegal pet trade and others have previously been exploited for the tourism industry. Your time here will be spent both in the forest observing the elephant's behaviour and in camp helping with a variety of project needs. The program aims to allow the elephants to live a safe, semi-wild life amongst a local hill-tribe community.

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Recent Thailand Journals:

I’m melting.

 Posted by Carter Faison at 11:51 am  Thailand  Comments Off on I’m melting.
Jun 212007

Hua Hin is really a fun town, but once you check out of your guest house all you do is sweat and stink. You can jump in the ocean, but all that does is coat you in a salty film. So, I’m trying to cool down while Connor and David get a Thai Massage down the street. Last night we left the centre at about 7, checked into the hotel, and started drinking heavily. We had dinner at some itilian restaurant which gave my stomach a bit of a problem. After the oiliest pizza I have ever eaten, we headed to the Hilton Bar for a few beers and bought the 18 year old a tequilla shooter. Then we headed to the Irish Pub down the street where we started drinking New Castle – which apparently impressed the owner enough to come and introduce himself and give us his life story, literally from beginning to end. At this point I had already had a bit too much to drink and was deathly tired from the festivities at the centre so at about 12 I headed back to the guest house. Connor and David apparently stayed out until three, met some nice Thai girls – and not the kind you are thinking of – and we are set to meet them around one on the beach. At about 7, the rest of the volunteers come into town and the debauchery begins again. Not looking foward to my 6:30 AM job tomorrow morning… At the centre things have quieted down after the langur death and the situation with Poppy – who had a still born cub. It seems like everyone will be leaving this weekend and it will be hard to say goodbye to some of the friends I’ve made. Lately I’ve [click here to read more]

from Hua Hin

 Posted by Carter Faison at 11:48 am  Thailand  Comments Off on from Hua Hin
Jun 162007

Zoe and I decided to take a day off from work and are spending the day in Hua Hin. After about two hours we decided to get off the beach and cool down a bit. The only places with Air Con are the internet cafes and McDonalds, and after wanting to throw up all my french fries we decided to go to the internet cafe down the street from the beach. We started off the day with a little starbucks, made the worst sand castles in the world, and came within to inches of a jelly fish. Although the beach is really nice, I’m looking forward to the nicer Koh Samet at the end of the month. We plan to wander around town for a bit and head to Tesco to get a few sweets before returning to the centre around 5:30. A baby langur came to the centre yesterday evening. It wasn’t expected to live through the night but by morning it was doing much better. Mark, the vet, said it could pull through but problems like this seem to return. Also, 4 new Hawks and a Sea Eagle were rescued on Thursday from Bangkok. There are talks of a new elephant and maybe another monkey. I’ve really settled into life at WFFT. It really did seem a bit stressful at first, but now I feel at ease with the whole living situation. Although I’ve been sweating like a prostitute in church, I’m able to stand the heat much better than at first. A fan seems suitable enough for 100 degree heat, right? And I don’t know what I’m going to do when I get to come home and flush my toilet paper, or let alone flush… It really isn’t as bad as it sounds, and it makes me [click here to read more]

knee deep in bear poo.

 Posted by Carter Faison at 11:46 am  Thailand  Comments Off on knee deep in bear poo.
Jun 112007

et’s recap the last week: Thursday night three crazy Europeans and I went to the Petchvarin Resort in the middle of nowhere. It was lush. Me and my roommate kept our room at about 18 degrees (as compared to the usual 40 at the centre). We were the only 4 in the entire resort and had the bar (which I used a little too heavily), the pool, and both restaurants to ourselves. We spent the entire day in the pool, only leaving the water to eat. As you’ve probably guessed I am currently the color of a lobster. Well worth it though. Saturday night about 20 volunteers went to the Hua Hin Jazz Festival set right on the beach. Some other crazy europeans and I found a rock in the water to sit on, but after a few drinks we made out way into the ocean to dance. Jeroen, the wildest Dutch person I’ve ever met, got a little too drunk and decided to take everyone with him under water – I’ll be sad when he leaves Thursday. Today I was on bears again – picking up old food and poo from the enclosure, and then hiding food and releasing them. Then I cleaned Oom Poom’s pool, which had about an inch of nastiness attached to it. I also was on “Volunteer House”, which everyone seems to hate. Basically I clean up the volunteer house – the bathrooms, kitchen, and dining room. The only bad part is taking out the toilet bins where we throw the toilet paper(or bog roll which I’ve learned to call it). No new attacks from animals, but at the festival I cut my feet up on rocks quite a bit. Tash has performed minor surgery and removed most the sand but it still hurts a [click here to read more]

Hot and sweaty.

 Posted by Carter Faison at 11:45 am  Thailand  Comments Off on Hot and sweaty.
Jun 032007

After about 40 hours of travel I’ve finally made it to the centre. On my way there was an unexpected (but very plesant) stay in Taiwan. I had to get a room for the evening and, thanks solely to Amanda, I stayed at the very nice Grand Hyatt Taipei, who sent a limo to meet me at the airport. After making it to Thailand I found my taxi driver without a problem. Once – three and a half hours later – I made it to the centre, everyone was very warm and welcoming. I’ve spent the day feeding the bears, cleaning up their poo, and watering the gibbons. One gibbon, Madge, who doesn’t care for men, found it necessary to try to take my head back to her nest. I spilt my water and crapped my pants, but I survived. Well, I’m off to the centre again to feed the bears. I love and miss you all. -Carter

One Week…

 Posted by Carter Faison at 11:43 am  Thailand  Comments Off on One Week…
May 252007

I’ve been vaccinated in every part of my body and have a small pharmacy to carry abroad, but have I packed yet? No. Packing will begin the day before and probably the morning I leave. I am getting excited – I cannot wait to be with people from all over the globe with similar values. And to be back in Thailand again; how could I have picked a better location? Working with primates/bears/elephants, etc.. on the outskirts of Kaeng Krachan National Park. It hasn’t really sunk in that I am going back, but I think that is overshadowed by the 35+ hours of travel. Mai Ben Lai…

Angela Weastell #4

 Posted by Angela Weastel at 12:12 pm  Thailand  Comments Off on Angela Weastell #4
Apr 062007

Hey Everyone, Well this is my last entry for Thailand, I have now left Wildlife Friends of Thailand for my next GVN program in Vietnam. These past two months I have spent at the centre have been wonderful, it has been an amazing experience! I hope to come back and volunteer again in the future. There is so much I am going to miss: -The animals of course, over the two months I was here I really got to know the animals and I am going to really miss them! -The people, I met some lovely people! it was really nice being surrounded by people with similar values as myself, we are all there for the same reason, to help the animals! -The surroundings, the centre is in a lovely location it is in the middle of nowhere! it is so peaceful! there is a beautiful lake opposite the centre you could gaze across while having breakfast. Being surrounded by nature and all it’s beauty really is something! waking up in the morning to sounds of wolves howling (which is actually the 15 dogs that live at the centre), gibbons singing (a sound I will never forget, it is beautiful)and roosters cock a doodle do ing, it’s just magical! -The wonderful food, the Thai cooks do a fantastic job at cooking for such a large group, I know I would struggle. The assortment of fruit is fantastic! I am going to miss my fresh fruit salad I had for breakfast every morning! -The weather, I love the weather! it is so nice waking up to blue sky and sunshine every morning and knowing you get to spend the day working outside in it! my tan I managed to get while at the centre will not last long when I get [click here to read more]

Angela Weastell #3

 Posted by Angela Weastel at 12:09 pm  Thailand  Comments Off on Angela Weastell #3
Mar 282007

Hey sorry this is going to be another long one, so much for writing smaller amounts more often aye! Well I have now been at the centre two months and I love it! Alot has happened in the last month so I will fill you in as briefly as possible or you will be here all day. Well where do I start?. . . There was a fire on one of the gibbon islands, the one furtherest away from the centre, we are not sure howq it started. It was around 5.30pm so most people had just finished for the day. I had just got out of the shower and was getting dresssed when there was a knock at my door, it was my room mate telling me the island was on fire. We gathered as many people as possible for that time of day (alot of people go to the village around five to email and do shopping) so there was about eight of us, we grabbed buckets and headed on foot to the island. We got as close as we could by land then had to swim the rest of the way. This sounds like an easy task but it is not when you are fully clothed (wearing jeans and t-shirt, you can’t take anything off as there were local Thai people helping to put out the fire and it would have been very offensive to them) we were also carrying a bucket each so swimming with a bucket is a real mission as it keeps filling with water and weighing you down. When we got close to the island (we can’t actually go onto the island as the gibbons are part of the rehabilitation and release program they have been rehabilitated and are waiting for release so [click here to read more]

Angela Weastell #2

 Posted by Angela Weastel at 12:07 pm  Thailand  Comments Off on Angela Weastell #2
Feb 162007

Well where do I start? . . . I have now been in Thailand for two weeks and I love it! This journal entry will be a long one as it covers the two weeks I have been here, in future I will try to do shorter entries more frequently. I arrived at the new Bangkok airport 30/01/07. After walking for what seemed like half an hour I collected my luggage, then came the mission of finding my way out, finally mission accomplished. my next task was to find a bus heading into Bangkok to my hotel, I found the bus, hopped on and a Thai lady who spoke English came around with her clipboard asking the passengers destinations so she could let us know which stop to get off at. She wrote mine down and told me the nearest stop to my hotel was at the monument and from there it is a ten minute walk. So far so good until the bus leaves the airport without the English speaking Thai lady who is supposed to tell us all where to get off so we are left with a Thai speaking driver and her clipboard with our stops on, about know is when I start to regret saving money by taking the bus rather than catching a cab. I looked around the bus at the other passengers who do not seem to be alarmed and seem to be getting let off at their stops ok. After being on the bus for about 45 minutes and passing a few monuments (there are heaps of monuments everywhere) I decided to approach the driver to ask how far away my stop is, he managed to communicate that he was really sorry but he had missed my stop and I had best get [click here to read more]

Angela Weastell

 Posted by Angela Weastel at 12:05 pm  Thailand  Comments Off on Angela Weastell
Jan 272007

Hey everyone, Im just giving this journal a test run to make sure I can keep in touch with you all while I am away. Just two days to go and I am off to Thailand on an exciting adventure! I hope to be logging on regularly to share my experience’s with you all. My next entry will be from Thailand, I can’t wait! Take care and we will talk soon Love Ang XXXX

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