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The Global Volunteer Network currently has volunteer opportunities available through our partner organization in the beautiful Kingdom of Nepal. Volunteers have the opportunity to participate in a variety of educational and community aid programs. These include teaching English, working in an orphanage,community health and environmental program, school and community maintenance, and a home stay/cultural exchange program.

In a typical placement volunteers stay in a family where they get Nepali food twice a day (around 9 o' clock in the morning and 7 o' clock in the evening). Tea is served in the morning and in the afternoon. Volunteers will have the opportunity to get together with other volunteers and share their experience. You will be able to travel to nearby towns to purchase things for daily use and could travel to other areas on longer vacation. Besides your project work, volunteers can utilize their spare time in organizing the youth and women's groups of the community to do some worthwhile activities like building a smokeless stove, toilet by using local materials, making a soak pit, kitchen gardening, making a solar dryer, garbage management or paper recycling.

For more information, please visit the Nepal page on the Global Volunteer Network website.

Recent Nepal Journals:

Good Morning Nepal!

 Posted by Kristin Schutz at 3:45 pm  Nepal  Comments Off on Good Morning Nepal!
Nov 252014

Outside the window, across the alley way, a cluster of children giggle and run around the hanging laundry and potted  plants on their family’s yellow-painted terrace. I’m guessing they are siblings but they seemed too well behaved with each other for that to be the case! A woman wrapped in a green towel washes her long black hair in a bucket of soapy water. Several stories down in the same alley, shops are opening for the morning, A young man pats off the dust on his brightly patterned purses, baskets, and pillows. The worker at the store next next door sets out neat display of insence on the endge of the sidwalk. A few cars honk but I can’t see where  they are coming from. This is my first morning in Nepal, in the Thamel district. It’s crisp and bright, with a little chill in the air. I have no plans today so I think I will ask the hotel staff where to get some coffee and breakfast, and a few places to sight see in the neighborhood. Right now I’m running on cliff bars and water. The cab dropped me off at the Heritage Home Hotel  late last night and I was immediately greeted with a smile and “Namaste” by the clerk, a young man in his 20s probably. This trip has been six months in the making and so much has happened in that time. I am in a state of disbelief that I am actually here! So many people have made this adventure possible, financially and emotionally. I could not have done this without them. There are two  lessons I have learned in this process. First, people want to help you. Alll you have to do is humble yourself and ask. As soon as I put out [click here to read more]

So much to tell!

 Posted by Kenedi Meyering at 10:29 pm  Nepal  Comments Off on So much to tell!
Nov 192014
So much to tell!

I’ve been in Nepal for about a week now and settling into life here has been an adventure! I am staying with a host family in a village called Bistachhap. The people are very nice and I am excited to begin my placement. Some changes have been made to my placement and I will now be going to help in a care center for special needs children and young adults for at least the first couple weeks of my trip. I can honestly say I am more than excited! Working with individuals with special needs is something that has always weighed heavy on my heart and after visiting the school today I am hoping to also raise money to help support the program. There is no government funding and the kids there need a lot more stimulating toys and activities than what is available based on current donations. Next week is a holiday…this was just recently determined (as is the Nepali way). Life moves at a different pace here and information and decisions change daily. But if you just accept this and be extremely patient its a wonderful country. During the holiday I plan to take advantage of the free time to do some site seeing and tour some of the many temples located near the capital. Life in a traditional Nepali home is quite different to that which is customary in the states. For example, even though most of the family will be up by 6 am, daal bhaat (traditional meal of rice and curried veggies or meat) will not be eaten until around 9. Instead they will drink tea and visit while the didi (female head of the household) prepares the food. I have to tell you eating curry and rice for breakfast and dinner everyday has been [click here to read more]

14 hour time differences are rough

 Posted by Kenedi Meyering at 1:31 pm  Nepal  Comments Off on 14 hour time differences are rough
Nov 162014
14 hour time differences are rough

its just before 7 am monday morning here in nepal. i fell asleep last nigt around 6pm and woke up around 230 am. but im getting there. yesterday i met with the volunteer coordinator and wandered around the city. today we will be heading out to the village for training and hopefully to meet my host family! kenedi

The journey begins

 Posted by Kenedi Meyering at 6:26 am  Nepal  Comments Off on The journey begins
Nov 152014

yesterday morning (friday) i left seattle wa en route to nepal. 3 planes and several time zones later it is now about midnight saturday night and i have just arrived at the hotel that i will stay at for the first few days while i go through orientation. its still very busy in the streets here and as i accidentally slept through most of the flight from china to nepal, i imagine i’ll be up for a while. i’m very excited to begin my stay here and in a few days i’ll begin volunteering and meet the host family that i will stay with for the rest of my trip. tomorrow is a day to wander and adjust to the time difference (its almost 14 hours). aside from being long, my travels to get here went very well. all of my bags showed up in nepal and even though i was only in china for a couple hours i got to see the great wall of china from the plane…there are lights running along it at night. i also experienced my first squat toilet. now i knew they were coming but when i arrived in the airport in china, that was not crossing my mind when i walked into the ladies room. needless to say this trip will be full of very new experiences! pictures to follow kenedi

Nothing ventured, nothing gained ;)

 Posted by Kellyn Ng at 9:04 pm  Nepal  Comments Off on Nothing ventured, nothing gained ;)
Sep 302014
Nothing ventured, nothing gained ;)

1st Oct Namaste!! The school holidays have started in preparation for the major 15-day Dashain Festival celebrated throughout Nepal. Hence, this will probably be my last update…if you’re still reading it. I’m taking this time to explore Nepal before my return back to Melbourne. And I’m writing to you now from the Phewa Lake in Pokhara, awaiting for sunrise. I’ve been up since 4.30am and decided to take a walk or have a cup of coffee, though the sky is still dark and neither the people nor shops are awake! So I thought I’d update my blog for the last time since I’ve been slack at it since the last :p. To start with, there was a huge farewell gathering on the last day of school. First, I was blessed with a Tika by the Nepalese teachers followed by photo-taking sessions. I was too swamped with hugs, handshakes, and gifts from students asking when will my next visit be. I told them that I’d definitely visit again in the near future, and meanwhile they should keep practising their English while I practise my Nepalese ;). In this short period of time, I’ve watched and observed the vast improvement on their English literacy, as well as their interest in different types of learning instead of the usual teacher-led activities or rote learning. I’m glad the resources I’ve contributed have made a change in their motivation in learning. I will certainly miss this group of ladies and the good times we’ve shared in and outside of class. Finally, I’ll be celebrating Dashain with my host family before returning to Melbourne. If I weren’t to update this blog again, my final summary on my volunteer program here is that this is an experience / challenge I’ve set for myself to achieve. The road [click here to read more]

I’m ok! Thik cha :)

 Posted by Kellyn Ng at 3:54 pm  Nepal  Comments Off on I’m ok! Thik cha :)
Sep 202014

Namaste! Malai sanchai cha! Eknam thik cha! Feeling on top of the world and back on my feet, ready to rock and roll for the following week! “There is wonder in almost everything I see, not a cloud in the sky got the sun in my eyes, and I won’t be surprised if it’s a dream. Looking down on my creation is the love that I have found!” catcha later alligators! With love xoxo

Top of the world

 Posted by Kellyn Ng at 3:47 pm  Nepal  Comments Off on Top of the world
Sep 202014
Top of the world

Stay with me, fernweh

 Posted by Kellyn Ng at 11:09 pm  Nepal  Comments Off on Stay with me, fernweh
Sep 182014
Stay with me, fernweh

19/9 As I thought I was getting stronger with better sleep and sunshine, it has turned out otherwise. Alas, Sod’s law has confined me in bed for the last two days with much lethargy. I haven’t had much appetite and feeling weak. May I have some porridge please? My students have seen me weakening with fragility, and have advised me sympathetically to rest and eat up. I could be feeling homesick, though they probably wouldn’t understand. Indeed I’ve made a decision to undertake this journey far from family and friends. Look, I’m not complaining. Isn’t it only human nature that one longs and yearns to be around love ones? I have come this far and I do not look back. In a month here, I have seen and learned much, a life-changing experience for another chapter in my life. Some ups and some downs but c’est la vie! Each journey begins with a single and I’m more than grateful waking up to each day when the sun rises. A constant reminder to myself is when we cannot get what we love, we must love what is within our reach. Learning to love what we have, rather than what we like to have, is not a matter of giving up or compromising. It’s a matter of maturing. Set our goals high and work diligently towards them. But when we do not manage to realise all of our goals, it doesn’t mean we live in bitterness or regrets. Appreciate life with all the blessings that we already have. I look forward to a speedy recovery for there’s still much to do and see before time is running out. Till next time, with much love.

Update from Kathmandu :)

 Posted by Abanti Zakaria at 3:51 am  Nepal  Comments Off on Update from Kathmandu :)
Sep 182014

Hello everyone and greetings from Nepal! Maja and I have been exploring the city for the past couple of days now, and I think it’s been a good mix of vacation (aka forced sleep/rest due to jetlag) and being productive Everyone else from our climbing group is slowly starting to arrive into Kathmandu, and tomorrow it begins. Our team is being debriefed in the morning, then spending the rest of the day packing our duffle bags and backpacks to get ready for the mountain. So, with this being our last free day I thought I’d write a quick update Our first day we stayed close to the hotel and just explored the  neighborhood. I earmarked a few souvenir shops that I want to go back to and bought a few earrings from a store that was a little too far away. The most productive thing we did was exchanging our dollars to nepalese rupees- the exchange rate definitely makes you feel like you have way more than you do though haha. We’ve now learned from experience how quickly it really goes 😛 The next day was ridiculous- we slept until 5pm! Who does that?! When we finally pulled ourselves out of bed, we decided to salvage the day by visiting a grocery store nearby to buy all our trekking snacks. This was definitely an adventure as it turned out to be way farther than we initially thought, and lugging back our hauls wasn’t entirely fun. Who knew granola bars could get so heavy? But at least we definitely got in our workout for the day Today we visited our first real tourist attraction- the monkey temple! Seeing my first monkey caught me off guard- before we even got to the temple high above the city, all of a sudden I [click here to read more]

Photo gallery 12/9

 Posted by Kellyn Ng at 9:46 pm  Nepal  Comments Off on Photo gallery 12/9
Sep 122014
Photo gallery 12/9

I’m sticking to uploading photos separately! Saves me time and headaches :p These are photos of women students both at Basundhara and Balaju. See me swaying my arms in the air? I’m a pro eh!

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