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In the Global Volunteer Network Ethiopia program, volunteers will be responsible for teaching the children with a focus on English and mathematics. With the aid of a local translator, volunteers will plan and run lessons for the children.

Additionally, volunteers with musical and computer skills are needed to instruct the children in these areas. After class, volunteers are encouraged to introduce new games and team building ideas, teach the children new songs, languages, involve them in art projects, as well as generally giving them the love and attention they need.

Two days a week volunteers have the opportunity to serve at a local feeding center where meals are provided to the street community; a large percentage of this community are children.

To learn more, please visit the Global Volunteer Network Ethiopia program page.

Recent Ethiopia Journals:


 Posted by Kate Montgomery at 9:37 pm  Ethiopia  Comments Off on ALO ALO!!
Oct 142010

Well it’s been AGES since I’ve written, so bad I know.  I just get so frustrated with sitting at a computer here.  Not sure why, I do this 40 hours a week back home, I should be use to it. ANYWAY!  I’m doing really well!  Rainy season is over, I have sussed the bed bug problem, I’m sleeping better as I’m not itching like a maniac all night, I have a flushing toilet and shower, my stomach is better ……… well, better than it was, and my flu is gone.  ALL the crap that was horrible for the first few weeks is all good now and Addis has definitely grown on me.  There are SO many new buildings going up, it’s uncomprehendable.  I would love to come back in 10 years or so and see the difference, it will be huge.  There are also new volunteers and they are all great.  We all get along so well which makes the whole experience a lot better. The kids are wonderful, some of them are SO smart.  Some are naughty too but they are still cute.  We love them and they love us.  When they see us it’s all big smiles and big hugs and kisses and they are all willing to learn.  We have done the ABC’s, 1-20, my body (head shoulders etc), shapes, days of the week, and now they are learning addition and how to say “hello my name is …. and my favourite colour is ….    The head, shoulders things is so funny.  They have mastered the stomach, but they say, really loudly, STO MUCK!  And so we point to things (which aren’t the stomach) and they say ” Eyes, Ears, STO MUCK.  I say “no, that’s not your stomach, that’s your mouth, and they say “Mouth, [click here to read more]

The little buttons are here ………….

 Posted by Kate Montgomery at 11:39 pm  Ethiopia  Comments Off on The little buttons are here ………….
Sep 212010

Hello again!  Well after my last entry, we got home to 15 little kiddies running up to us with big hugs and kisses.  They are all so cute and just today 3 more arrived.  So that will be it now for the year, 18.  I know the names already which I surprised myself with as some of them are quite different. We started off with the ABC’s and to our surprise some knew it already, which was great.  We coloured in the ABC and hung it on the wall.  It gave the room a bit more colour which it desperately needed.  Most days now we read books (which gets translated for the kids) colour in pictures, d0 some 1-10 math’s games, play more games, revise everything again and again.  We have done greetings which is fun.  They call me Teacher, and it’s always Teacher Teacher Teacher to try and get your attention.  We also taught things like Come, Sit Down, Go, Stand up etc and a gorgeous wee girl called Mahalet said to me “Teacher, sit down!”  And pointed to a chair.  I cracked up.  I said “No Mahalet, for Teacher to Mahalet is OK, is no OK for Mahalet to Teacher”.  She just repeated what I said and was giggling away.   So cute. I gave them the beanies that were so kindly knitted me to bring by a bunch of ladies from a church in the North Island, NZ.  They went down a treat, they wear them every day.  Especially cute as two of the boys have pink ones (they don’t care AT ALL of course). Ummm, what else, I just did my own washing!  It sucked ……….. and my back hurts.  I don’t know how these woman do all this physical labour every day!  They carry the most [click here to read more]


 Posted by Kate Montgomery at 11:01 pm  Ethiopia  Comments Off on Finally!
Sep 132010

Well I have tried to get to this page to update this about TEN times but with no luck so YAY!  I’m back!  I have a lot to update on, unfortunately though, none of it is to do with kids or teaching (or the whole reason I came in the first place) as it is the holiday season here.  It kind of feels like a wasted couple of weeks as I only saw the last kids for a few days before they left and the new ones are apparently going to filter into the house over the week.  I’m looking forward to meeting them.  The last kids were soooooooo cute.  I only really coloured in with them and sang songs and stuff but they were all so awesome.  Funny thing though ………. I was getting some coloured pencils for one of them to colour in a person and I said “what colours do you want”, and she said “black and brown” and pointed to the face and hair.  I was like “OH yeah, funny.   I was thinking at home they colour the people in like a beige and blonde hair, blue eyes.  Classic.  Anyway the classroom has been scrubbed and painted and looks great.  New year was on September 11th so New Years Eve we went out and saw in the 2003 new year at 6pm.  Yes that’s right, September 11, 2003, 6pm.  It was a good night as everyone celebrates throughout the city just as we do at home.   Woke up the next day feeling a little precious and was having a coffee and looked at a stamp I had on my hand from a bar we went to.  It said ………… are you ready for this ……………. URGENT.  HA!  😀  I totally cracked up.  Next club will be [click here to read more]

One week down …….

 Posted by Kate Montgomery at 9:10 pm  Ethiopia  Comments Off on One week down …….
Sep 062010

Hi al! Well all is going dandy here. Am slowly getting into the swing of things. Addis is a HUGE city with HEAPS of people. It’s a very hectic place and being a white chicky you kinda stand out like a sore thumb. That’s probably the most annoying thing but I have no choice but to get use to it. You also have no choice but to ignore the poverty and avoid giving money as there are just so many! And I would be broke within the hour so I won’t go there too often. So the kids left on Friday to go back to their homes. It was a sad goodbye for all even though I only knew them for 3 days. It didn’t take long to get to know each one and they all had such different personalities. We have been in the city all weekend which was nice as there are some nice relaxing places to go and cruise and get out of the rat race. The food here is really good, a lot of Italian influence so heaps of pizza and pasta which are two of my fave’s! Happy dayz!! The local beer (St George) is also good. The power has cut off a few times and when it does it affects the whole city! That would mean carnage in most cities with millions of people but they are so use to it that it’s no big deal at all. Getting ready for bed last night with no power was such a mission though, fingers crossed it doesn’t happen too often. I also caught a cold last night, which sucks, cause I even got through another Queenstown winter without getting sick so hopefully I get better soon because there is so much dust and pollution from [click here to read more]

I made it!

 Posted by Kate Montgomery at 1:17 am  Ethiopia  Comments Off on I made it!
Sep 022010

OK!  Firstly my posts are gonna as often as I hoped as the internet is SHOCKING.  Once you use to broadband you can get very frustrated very quickly at slow computers.  Anyway!  Onto the more important stories ……………… On my last weekend in Queenstown I got the BEST SURPRISE PARTY EVER (all thanks to my lovely husband).  It was a great (messy) night had by all and thanks so much to all you awesome units in Queenstown for a Harrys Close house party to remember.  After a hungover Sunday we got me packed and headed out Monday morning.  It was a very teary goodbye to say the least.  Hate goodbyes.  BUT I had no choice but to chugg on and get excited about my hours and hours of crappy travel ahead of me.  To start it all off I had too much luggage and didn’t want to pay extra so I sneaked the rest of the books I had onto my hand luggage, then in Sydney and Dubai had to pretend I was asleep when they brought round the portable weigher, too funny.  SUCKERS!  It worked!  Saved myself about $500 bucks!  Arrived in Ethiopia and thank god my ride was there.  I was stoked.  I think I even hugged him!  All I wanted to see was “Kate Montgomery” on a sign somewhere so all went according to plan there.  I was sooooooooooo shattered from my flight so I got to the house and had a wee nap, then one of the volunteers was leaving for Canada so we went into the city and had a meal and got a hotel (with a hot shower as the plumbing at the childrens home is a little broken at present).  Had a few beers and had a pretty good sleep.  Went back to [click here to read more]

Last day at work …………

 Posted by Kate Montgomery at 3:04 pm  Ethiopia  Comments Off on Last day at work …………
Aug 262010

Hi all!  SO this is the link you need to take to get my updates whilst away.  I will hopefully get to a computer a couple of times a week but apparently it’s on dial up and isn’t very reliable but I’ll do my very best to keep you all in the loop.  Last day at work today!  I must admit, it doesn’t feel likt it.  Have just been out for lunch though which was great, and am out for dinner as well.  Looks like there’s gonna be a few more as well before my departure on Monday.  Oh the joys of going away for 3 months!  Everyone wants to take me wining and dining!  No arguements there   Anyway ………. my next update will be when I am in the thick of it in Ehtiopia.  Wish me luck!!  Much love xoxoxoxo

The real world beckons

 Posted by Clay Shaw at 11:05 am  Ethiopia  Comments Off on The real world beckons
Feb 052010

I have returned from a month at MMHCH, and hate to leave the 18 wonderful children, and the friendly staff.  The real world beckons, and had to return to USA, to snow, cold, and work.  I did miss my wife and grandkids, so was happy to be home.  For advice to those entering the Ethiopia program, the children need clothes, and the MMHCH needs money.  You’ll not need alot of clothes, t-shirts for day, light jacket or sweatshirt for evenings.  I enjoyed my stay, as Addis Ababa was always fun to discover new places to sip coffee with friends, after a good morning run.

Ready to Go

 Posted by Clay Shaw at 2:08 pm  Ethiopia  Comments Off on Ready to Go
Dec 312009
Ready to Go

I’m doing my last minute preparations now and my wife and I will drive to the airport in several hours.  Heading for an interesting journey and I’m really looking forward to it. Here’s a picture of two of my Ethiopian friends and myself.

Ethiopia – going home

 Posted by Sami Buisson-Daniel at 1:48 am  Ethiopia  Comments Off on Ethiopia – going home
Dec 262009

Tomorrow I leave Ethiopia soil and hopefully will land in D.C. Dulles airport on Monday at 7:35 a.m. For the moment I’m in a expensive hotel. I opted to stay somewhere really nice for my last day/night here. It’s the Atlas International. The bathroom has a real shower with lots of water and it’s hot (yeah!) I’ve been sick for a while with a cruppy hacking cough that hurts my right side when I cough. I strained something there. I said my goodbyes to the children before hopping in the taxi. I got lots of kises and hugs. They’re use to the volunteers coming and leaving but nevertheless you know you are special to each one of them. It’s a great place to work teaching English and math to the 18 kids and also the feeding center. Ethiopia is a wonderful country. There is something very special here. There is a lot of poverty and many blind people and disabled people begging on the streets. If it were not for that I could not say anything bad about the country. We gave a Christmas party for the kids yesterday (our Christmas day). It’s not there Christmas yet – that will take place on January 7. They have a 13 month calendar with the 13th month having 5-6 days depending on leap year. We paid for shoes and socks for the kids. They were so happy with them and they wore them at the party. We had pasta with meat sause, popcorn, soda, peanuts, bread and cake. We played games with the kids, gave them crayons and paper and let them draw what they wanted. We put on a dance CD and they danced till they almost dropped. We then watched a Christmas movie. I was worn out when I went [click here to read more]

Another Adventure in Ethiopia

 Posted by Sami Buisson-Daniel at 4:58 am  Ethiopia  Comments Off on Another Adventure in Ethiopia
Dec 142009

This past weekend four of us (three volunteers and Bobby – a wonderful Ethiopian man who is a friend) headed to Lake Lagano. Bobby rented a car from a friend for the weekend. We gassed up on Saturday morning after waking up at the Pension Life Hotel where we stayed the night because we went to the Holland House for dinner and afterwards to hang at the bar. That’s where you see all the “for-en-gie” which means white to the Ethiopians. Since it would be impossible to get back to the house for curfew (the gate is locked at 10 p.m.) we stay at a hotel. The trip was four hours in total. We passed by some beautiful landscape. We headed south. There were beautiful mountains, what looks like prairies (part of the Rift Valley) and lots of small villages. I felt like I was in Lancaster PA with the horses and buggies but they were made very simple of wood and sometimes metal. They were piled with either straw, big yellow containers or people (anywhere from three to ten people). I enjoyed watching them maneuver around the traffic (big trucks with piggy back loads, cars and vans) Unfortunately for one horse and driver I saw one on its side with a van that collidate with it. The horse appeared to be dead and the buggy was completely smashed with debris of wood laying all around it as well as lots of cloth rags. I felt sad thinking about the horse and wondering if the man’s livelihood was just taken from him. I didn’t see any people so I’m unsure what happened to them (both van driver, buggy driver or passengers), We also saw a dead hyena on the road. He was big. There was no mistaking him with his [click here to read more]

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