Stephanie Jimenez

Stephanie Jimenez

If you have access to this link then you are a close friend or family member. I am excited to share my upcoming adventures with you !

Ponte Abusada Stephanie ! -My mom..

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Mar 172016

Hola familia y amigos !

Disculpenme por tardarme tanto en escribir !

Hello my loved ones ! Sorry I have been so bad at updating this lately. Its been a crazy couple of days because a lot has happened in such little time. Honestly, I apologize in advance because I can already feel that my english grammar skills are suffering a little bit… Don’t worry, I’m sure my sister will fix that in a couple of days hahaha ^_^ <3  She will get right on that when she sees me haha :).

Anyway, I want to say that I miss you all very much and I will feel such great joy when I see you. I am excited to share my experience and stories with you in person. Its much more exciting when I can use hand motions, make funny faces and accents hehe…

Let’s see, let me try to remember where I left off… The last thing I wrote about was LEON the humping dog hahaha. Mmmm…that happened exactly a week ago ! Wow … I am so sorry. I really have been bad at updating my blog ! That’s good though right ? It means I have been busy :P.

Ok so lets see:

Friday March 11th

I went to my first authentic Argentinian Asado. Meat here is really good. That is an understatement. It’s kind of mean to say but I’m glad the whole vegetarian thing didn’t work out for me before getting here because I would have suffered. Meat and Bread. That’s basically what the Argentinian food pyramid contains. Every type of meat you can imagine….or might not want to imagine, and bread in every shape possible everywhere you go haha. Let’s just say….I might be rolling on to the plane back home. There is plenty of Italian influence here as well so there is also tons of pizza and pasta. yup. yay me for being healthy ! Haha not. BUT hey I wasn’t going to come here and not enjoy the really good food. That would be hateful and just unspeakable ! :D. I was just trying to eat everything because I was being polite ok ?! …Don’t worry mom I’m not THAT fat…my hugs just have a little more cushion now ;). Haha kidding. The walking around me has completely saved me. I don’t think I have ever walked so much in my life. Although now that I think of it, Argentinians are very thin for the most part ! They eat very fattening food BUT they walk EVERYWHERE . If anything I am grateful for my newly found calves of steel :P.

Wow sorry, I got sidetracked with a whole paragraph on food…well thats how much I liked it. Anyway, at the Asado we ate good food but we also played fun German games. Yes, German games. There are so many Germans here ! Not just exchange students but actual Germans situated here. I was very surprised to learn this. The Germans have officially adopted me and sometimes they even forget that i’m not German and start speaking to me in German until I look at them with my very puzzle look of “QUE DIJO ?!”… It’s pretty funny actually, that I came to Argentina (A Latin Country) and got adopted by Germans haha. We also dance a lot of Bachata on Friday and I mostly danced with my friend Julian who is also German haha . However I got to dance with anArgentinian guy that I did not know and I felt like a mop. I mean…I thought I knew how to dance, but he reminded me that I have a long way to go haha… So many turns….I’m still dizzy from it and Its almost been a week haha.

Saturday March 12th On Saturday I was pretty tired from dancing and the Asado on friday but I ventured off to find a ticket to Buenos Aires. First of all, lets just take a moment to be appreciative of our ATM privelages in the U.S. WHAT IN THE WORLD ?! .. Ok so let me explain my frustration. I needed to take money out in order to be able to buy a ticket to go to Buenos Aires. Finding an ATM that functions, HAS money, and is compatible with your card here is like winning the lottery . Yes you read that correctly. ATMs here run out of money. Wait what ? Yes. My thoughts exactly. There is usually one ATM “Cajero automatico” accompanied by a really big line of people. By big line I don’t mean a line that the one that forms outside of In N Out on a friday night. No. LONGER. Longer than crossing from Mexico to the U.S after “Semana Santa”. Yes LONGER. It’s ridiculous. People need money you know ! Anyway, after struggling for hours to get my money ( GIVE ME MY MONEY! ) haha… I was finally able to buy a ticket to go to Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires is 10 hours away from Cordoba. I left Saturday night and arrived Sunday morning. I was scared to ride the bus alone because I didn’t want to end up sitting next to some creepy guy or something. Luckily though, the seat next to me was left empty and I slept well enough to have energy on sunday. Also , random fact , I had my first dream in Spanish. I dream in Spanish now haha ! .

Sunday March 13th  Buenos Aires

I spent the entire day in Buenos Aires. I had a full day/private tour. We went to “La Boca” , “El Cementerio de la Recoleta”, “La Catedral”, “La Casa Rosada”, “Plaza de Mayo”, “Teatro Colon”, “El Obelisco”, “Calle Florida”,”El Cabildo”, y la “Torre Inglesa”. It was a great experience though I don’t recommend doing that all in one day. I did it because I had no choice since I am only here for a little bit. However, if you have the chance do it in more than a day so you can really take it all in , and so that you don’t break your legs. My favorite part was “El Caminito” in “La Boca” because of all the tango dancers on the street and the architecture and bright colored buildings. It was picturesque ;).

I loved being able to visit Buenos Aires on my own. However , my bus trip back was a nightmare. I didn’t have as much luck as I did on my ride there and a creeper. A young man. Young but gross and a creeper got the seat next to me. Long story short , there was no way I was going to be able to sleep with him next to me. And I needed to because I had to work the next morning. So I used what I learned from the many stories my mom has told about traveling on the bus alone. I have heard her stories OVER and OVER and OVEEEEERRRR since I was a little girl . Thinking to myself, I will never use this. Why would I ever end up next to a creeper on a bus ? Me ? Why ?… well there you go. I ended up next to a creeper on a bus back from Buenos Aires. I instantly thought of my mom and her saying…

“No te dejes. Cualquier cosa que no te guste cambiate de asiento y habla con el chofer ! Que no te intimide nadie stephanie tu le tienes que decir. Y aveces hasta los vajan del camion por viejos cochinos. Que no te de pena a ti ! Tu dile al chofer. Asi como le decia yo a la Lupita no te dejes Lupita tu sientate enfrente y habla con el chofer. Ponte abusada siempre Stephanie. Tienes que estar muy atenta. Diviertete pero atenta” …

Ok pues… si me cambie de asiento, no me dio pena y le dije al chofer mama jajaja… todo bien. No pude dormir tan agusto porque estaba al pendiente. Pero si dormi un poco.

Anyway, sorry for the spanglish/random language setting switch. It was necessary haha.

I hope you all liked my update. I will make sure I update some more soon. Sending you all a big hug !!! :)


Steph/Esteffi ^_^



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Mar 102016

Tengo muchas ganas de cantar ! Tengo la cancion Malagena Salerosa en mi cabeza…nada que ver con Argentina PERO en Estefiilandia eso quiere decir que ando contenta ^_^. Traer musica Latina en mi corazon quiere decir que ando muy bien ^_^. Hoy fue un dia LINDO ! Descanse muy agusto :) Me aliste y sali a saludar a un dia nublado pero agradable. Fui a esperar el camion y me paso algo muy chistoso. Justo ayer mi profesor de espanol me explico que hay que tener cuidado con la palabra “coger” en Espanol. En Mexico “coger” quiere decir “to grab” … como ” Puedes coger ese papel que esta alli ? “. Pero en Argentina “coger” quiere decir otra cosa . Se los dejo de tarea que lo averiguen porque yo no se los voy a explicar. Pero bueno. Como les decia…Hoy en la manana yo esperaba a un “colectivo” y a lo lejos vi a un muchacho y a su amiga/novia/ lo que sea…y el traia a su perro. Derrepente vi que el perro brincaba, se agarraba de la pierna del muchacho y se movia para adelante y para atras de una forma rapida. (Entienden ?…) Bueno…pues el muchacho estaba frustrado pero no queria demostrarlo porque estaba tratando de quedar bien con la muchacha. Pero el perro insistia ! Yo me di cuenta de lo que estaba pasando y no aguante la riza. Trate de contenerla pero no pude. El muchacho paso enseguida de mi. Me vio a la cara, y por mientras encendia su cigarillo de una manera frustrada me dice ” SI, me quiere COGER!! ! “…. Hahahahaha yo no aguante mas. Lo peor es que me rei mas porque a lo lejos escuche. “LEON ! Basta ! Deja de JODER ! ” hahahahahhahaha. A la proxima que la piense antes de ponerle un nombre dominante como LEON a su perro hahahaha. Asi a lo mejor tan siquira lo deja caminar sin “Joder” hahahahaha . Ay no….

Disculpenme pero traigo MUCHA HAMBRITA y ya va estar la comida. Dejo esto por lo pronto. Los quiero :)


-Esteffi… 😛 :) <3

Echale SALSA !

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Mar 092016

BUENOS DIAS ! Good morning everyone ! :) I hope you are feeling great and refreshed and super excited to go to work ! Right ? hahaha Im sure ^_^.

Today is my first day officially on my own without any type of orientation or guidance. Let me tell you something…Argentinians do not have a sense of time. If you say get here at 4…the person could get there at a “reasonable” hour around that number , so in this case any time between 3-5 or even 5:30.  They don’t really plan things out… it’s more of a “whatever happens happens” kind of mentality.  This is very weird for me because I am a person who requires structure and requirements and expectations. I think this change and adjustment will help me though. It will help me be more flexible with myself and others. Even the buses run on their own time so you just kind of have to guess at around what time they might be there.

Today I woke up and practiced my “argentinian” ways for the first time. It feels strange to not be worrying about what time it is… I still constantly look at my watch. It has been helping me stress out less though. I got ready, walked to the bus stop about three blocks away. Took a very bumpy ride to “Las Omas”, helped them clean out the building, took a bus back, got a little lost, finally learned my way, came back home to shower because I STINK ! ^_^ and I am about to make myself some food and shower so I can go to class. Today I will also be going to a Salsa class with Gerard, Laura and Clara and two other friends. I’m very excited ! :) I will update you all on how that went later.

I just want to express how much I like Empanadas, Tartas, criollos…. so if anyone wants to teach me how to make them…especially the Tartas: *cough* V I T A E * cough* It would be much appreciated 😉 . And I mean the salty ones with meat or spinach and cheeses or egg not the sweet ones ! Although those are good too ^_^ <3

All of this talk of food is making me very hungry. I will make sure to update again later. For now im gonna go hunt for food and shower haha.

I miss salsa in my food ,  but I’m excited for the salsa class tonight … Echale  SALSA ! 😛

Yours Truly,
“Esteffy”…Steph…Stephanie….whatever you please haha :)


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Mar 082016

El dia de hoy (Martes) fui a mi projecto por primera vez. A mira ! Ya ni la pense y estoy hablando en espanol derepente ! hahaha how funny…I didn’t even think about it and I just started typing spanish. That has never happened before. I guess I have never been exposed to so many native spanish speakers at once at this magnitude haha. How funny… Anyway, as I was saying…

Today was my first day at the project: “Las Chakras de Merced” is what the town is called. I didn’t get to do much today because I simply had enough time to meet them and get an orientation of the place.  This town is about 15 minutes away from Cordoba. Though it is completely different. As soon as we turned into the town I noticed that it is ridiculously polluted. There is trash everyhere. There is more trash than anything. It is extremely polluted. You can’t breathe without feeling like you’re gonna get sick. I probably will, I barely went one day and Im already coughing a lot. On the bright side though, there is a pharmacy at every block or “manzana” as then call them here, and maybe my immune system will get stronger. Here’s to hoping. Anyway, there is no pavement or concrete, just dirt and mood and flooded streets at the project. Tomorrow will be my first official day and I will take pictures so I can show you. The town “center” consists of a school, a hospital, and Las Omas which is where I volunteer at. Thats it. It’s sad to say but my house and my classroom put together are bigger than the “town center”.

I will be getting to and from Las Omas every day on a bus. Here they call busses colectivos, or omnibus, not camion. I go on bus 68 which drops me off pretty close to where I live and school. It’s very convenient. The comfort level, thats a different story. However, the authenticity is there without a doubt.

The women and children that I met today are all incredible. They all have a different story, though I have not heard them all yet. I met some of the children and they are so loving . They just jump on you and sweetly ask “Vos de donde Sos ?” (Where are you from ?) hahahah even the children can tell ” I aint from around these parts 😛 . ”


Everyone here calls me Estephy, and I like it. It sounds loving. On a different note….Argentinians and their kissing !!!! You can enter a room with 50 people and you have to kiss every single one of them when you come in the room or you are considered rude. I know Mexicans do it as well , but I didn’t know it was that strict ! I find it kind of funny. What if I go home and accidentally start kissing everyone ?

My Spanish professor is AWESOME ! He is a really good teacher and I feel that I am learning more spanish than I have ever learned before. I get spanish lessons every day from 4-6 until I leave. I am the only one in my class because they put us into groups by level and I speak more spanish than the Germans and the French haha. It’s probably NOT because my family is MEXICAN that surely has nothing to do with it. 😉

Anyway, thats a little bit more about what has been happening around here. It’s been raining at night and there have been thunderstorms. I have never experienced such loud thunder before !


I want you all to know i’m wearing mosquito repellent like perfume so don’t freak out, ill be fine. Also , the food is delicious ! The EMPANADAS….yummmmmmm I want another one…
Don’t worry mom…I wont get fat…I walk around all day non stop  haha…

Anyway, I apologize for the bad grammar and disorganized train of thoughts I have delivered to you. I feel exhausted and I’m trying to write about everything that comes to mind but…did I mention I’m exhausted ? … I need sleep. I really love this feeling though. Feeling accomplished and passing out like a rock.

Im barely about to have dinner though. Thats another thing thats different here. Their schedules are very different. They have dinner really late and wake up late and come back from work in the middle of the day to have lunch “merienda” together… they close everything early and during the weekend absolutely nothing is open. It’s strange. I know that its because of the value of “family time”. I think that its great that family is so important ! But I can honestly say that I would go crazy if we did this in the U.S … sometimes you just need your In N Out fix , you know ? …. :( I shouldn’t have said that…now I want animal fries and I’m not getting any … any time soon.

but I have EMPANADAS !!! Muahahahaha ^_^

I will start being more organized with my updates :) well… I will TRY haha


Goodnight everyone ! I am sending you a BIG BIG BIG Hug .

Feliz Dia de la Mujer !
(Side note before I leave. My day was very special because I got to talk to the most important women in my life (my family) and I got to meet new , strong women who I know will touch my life deeply throughout the next two weeks. I will never forget this day !

Time to go eat and finish my homework….

Buenas noches !!!!!

Muah !

Yours Truly,
“Estephy” haha :)


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Mar 082016

Hello everyone ! I apologize for the delay . I have spent the last two days trying to adjust to my new environment. I hope you are all doing great. Here is a short update before I get picked up to go to my project . :)

So …the good news… I’M ALIVE ! I made it !!! Liam Neeson didn’t have to come and rescue me yay ! I mean don’t get me wrong , that guy is awesome , and I would love to meet him. Just not under the “Taken” kind of circumstances. I mean I’m proud of him for his “set of aquired skills” but I think I’ll pass. Thanks though ! 😉

I made it to Argentina and went through a “shock period” that I had never experienced before. I have traveled with my family and with the ambassadors of music before, but never alone. I am glad I have this experience now though. I am learning so many new things that will help me be a better person and I am very grateful for this opportunity.

Initially, when I barely got here I was going to write to you guys explaining how much I hate Argentina and that it was a big mistake to come here and that coming here was the stupidest thing I had ever done. Well, now that I have spent a little more time here, I realized that my reaction was a reflection of myself and not the city I’m in : Cordoba.

Let me explain : I got here and thought. “It smells so bad ! How am I going to be able to stand this ? The pollution is horrible , I’m gonna die in a week with all of this contamination ! ” ,” The people here are so rude and arrogant ! “, “Everything is so ugly here ! There is nothing to see “, “Everything is so weird and different ! My room is tiny and old looking! “”Their accent is so annoying, I’m so tired of hearing it! ” ” I feel so sick and unsafe , I want to go home !” “Argentina is the worst place I have been to !”.

Those were my thoughts when I arrived on Sunday. Yesterday, these were my thoughts :
” Wow I feel so accomplished being able to find my way around this big city ! “, ” The people here speak Spanish so eloquently and their accents sound pretty. ”  “It’s so green here ! “, “Yay I’m making new friends from other countries!” “The food here is so delicious ! “, ” Argentinians are very kind people ! ” , ” They have beautiful churches, cathedral and wonderful buildings full of so much culture and history !” “I love the smell, it always smells like yummy empanadas and rain ! ”

What a change of mind on my part , right ? Completely different thoughts. I have one word… Perspective.

When I got here, I was only paying attention to everything that was negative. Granted it was probably because I had not slept in more than a day and was completely disoriented with the time difference and climate change and emotional change. I learned that sometimes our circumstances affect the way we see things. I was tired, and hungry and scared when I got here. Therefore, everything that I saw was negative .

The next day though, after I got enough sleep and was able to adjust more than when I initially got here , I looked at things with a fresh perspective. I went to my school orientation, got tested into a spanish class and made new friends: Julian, Gaspard, Clara, and Laura.  They are from France and Germany. We went to go eat together after our orientation and it was wonderful. They are lovely people.  Tomorrow we will be going to a salsa class together , things will surely get interesting.

I can’t wait to share more of this short adventure.

Hope you are well

Yours Truly,
Steph or as they call me here ” Estephy”


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Mar 052016

I’m on the plane and i’m trying to think of something profound and wise to say but there is a couple next to me making out and I can’t concentrate. Yes, I also find it humorous. To add to the comic relief of my adventure there is a man snoring really loud in the first class section. I feel his pain. On second though, What pain ? He’s snoring so loud I can hear him among us “commoners”. I am joking about the “commoner” part. Actually, i’m not, but I have to write that to maintain my “politically correct” reputation and I get extra points for being politically correct about not being politically correct. Well there goes that long tangent, sorry about that. I’m glad it happened though because it reminded me to warn you…that it will happen a lot. I can’t help it. “Tangent-ville” was created in my brain. Believe me , I have tried.

Anyway, where was I ? Oh yes. My adventurous journey I am supposed to be telling you about. BUT WAIT ! One more tangent ! The lady with the drinks on the plane is passing by. (PERK #1 of flying on a Mexican plane: You get “Jugo del Valle” y “Galletitas Gameza” as your snack ! Heck yes ! “. “Que minute maid ni que nada ! A mi me dan mis galletitas Gameza ! “.

My apologies, I promise we will get to the main point eventually . Well , after I take a bite out of my cookies ! Delicious ! Reminded me of being at Tatas house…Anyway…so my journey actually started last night after work. After an emotional day with my 4th graders I took my lovely Penny-Lane to my beautiful sophies house so that she will be taken care of while im gone. Im happy to report that Penny was thrilled and loves sophie just as much as I do.

My loving mother and I then started our adventure off to Mexico, right after we exchanged some dollars for pesos. She handed me a 20 peso bill and I quizzically looked at her and asked ” Que es esto ? ” (What is this ?). She couldn’t help it and just started laughing at me and didn’t respond. She didn’t have to. I understood exactly what she meant.: ” Ay hija mia, no sabes ni lo que son 20 pesos y te vas sola a Argentina. Que Dios te bendiga por que estas a punto de atravesar golpes en la vida.”  If you don’t know what that means, ask my mom. There is no way I can translate her Mexican-mom thinking and do it justice, and since we are talking about my mom. (“All good things, All good things!” Thank you mom ! Muchas Gracias ! For driving me to Hermosillo so that I wouldn’t have to take a bus alone after work. I love you and I know that you are probably freaking out right now but I promise Ill be safe and smart with everything that I do.

Back to the trip…so I honestly thought I wouldn’t sleep last night because of my nerves. However, I slept like a rock because of my exhaustion. I guess working yourself to a pulp has its pros…

I woke up on time this morning thanks to some vandals that were messing with a car and made the car alarm go off. Thanks guys ! (or girls) I know you were only trying to help me get to my flight on time and reminding me to be vigilant on my trip ! 😉 Anyway, I got to the airport in Hermosillo and it wasn’t as bad as people said it would be. Okay …it kind of was, seeing as how there were construction workers setting up some cement casually outside my airplane window. But hey! Construction is a sign of growth ! Lets me positive people !

On a different note, people look at me weird here. I tried to dress casual and not stand out. I try to act “all Mexican” whatever that means… but I guess my sister is right. I might as well hand a sign around my neck that says “GRINGA”. I guess my little map themed journal and my plastic rubber-band bracelet made by one of my 4th graders doesnt help. Or it could be my “Bambi-deer in the headlights” look I made when they didn’t make me take my shoes off and when they didn’t get intimate with me while making sure I wasn’t some kind of terrorist. No wait ! I know what it was ! It’s my “If the Buddha Dated” book hahaha. Yes really.  Imagine a Mexican reading this book ! “El gordito ese ?!, No pues si el puede encontrar a una vieja pues yo tambien !” hahaha….

Anyway, I’m sitting on the plane now , flying…dreading my 7 hour layover and at the same time feeling grateful for it because it will give me some time to keep my composure. That is , after I re-check in my bag, get my GRINGA permit, eat some food, check my pulse, make sure i’m not doing anything stupid and then make sure I didn’t poop my pants. I hope they sell undies at the airport. hahaha Imagine if they were themed ! ” FIRST TIME FLYING” ….” THE SKY IS THE LIMIT”. hahahhaa that would be a good one… anyway… my apologies to the Global Volunteer Network , im sure this is not the type of journal entree you were expecting me to share with other volunteers. Maybe I will have some more useful innformation later.

One last update: “Senor ronquidos” in first class woke up and is eating a fancy meal, kissy fished next to me finally stopped making out. (That must mean they are on their way back because the honeymoon phase is fading. I have one more hour to go so I’m gonna start reading.
Thank you JC for the awesome books ! Thank you Alex for helping me with my paranoia and checking my phone service !

Next step : Make it through “La Migra” as a “GRINGA” so I can get to Chile from Mexico.

***CONGRATULATIONS*** If you made it through my tangents ;).

Remember, if you are reading this…you are special to me because I am only sharing this link with close friend and family. Cant wait to keep you posted !

Yours Truly,

I lied.. one more thing I forgot to mention is that my favorite part of my trip so far was talking to my amazing, gorgeous, loving nephew before taking off. ***SPOILER ALERT*** He will always be the best part of everything, hands down.


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