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Nathaniel Greensides

First Day(ish)

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Jul 302014

It began in Pleasant Hill, California.

Plane Queue

At SFO, it was a busy Tuesday, of all times.

My grandparents were excited to take me to the airport to embark on the journey to our place of family heritage. We had a breakfast of champions at Burger King, then went to the airport. Check in was a breeze, and the timing after getting past security was perfect in boarding the plane. I met a nice lady named Junice who did her undergrad at UC Santa Cruz, then her graduate work at UC Berkeley. The food was great on Asiana Airlines with two whole meals on the eleven and a half hour flight to Korea.

Asiana Food

Not half bad

I watched more movies on that flight in one sitting than I could have ever thought possible. It was kind of cool actually. I watched Angriest Man in Brooklyn, Divergent, Transcendence, and Captain America: The Winter Soldier. To stave off hunger between the meals, I drank more tomato juice than I thought possible. Junice shared her music with me from the Philippines. One cool thing about flying eastward on the Pacific was that the sun didn’t set the entire eleven and a half hours. When we got to Korea, we both had layovers, mine being two hours and hers three. We hung out while we waited and used WiFi. She shared her story with me while our devices were charging. It was real hazy at Incheon Airport, but I wasn’t sure if it was due to the humidity or smog. Either way, it made for a great sunset right before I got on the plane to Manila.


Incheon International Airport

As soon as I finished the meal on the second stretch, I fell asleep. It was a bit easier since the sun was down finally. When I arrived in Manila, I essentially ran to the customs line and breezed right through. Then I met up with my Auntie Bambi at the airport, after being solicited by about five different porters from different hotels. I was pleasantly surprised by a text from T-Mobile that allows unlimited texting while I am in the Philippines.

As we drove to Quezon City, I learned a few things. Following traffic laws while driving in Manila seems to be very subject to individual interpretation. Cars drive in two lanes despite signage attempts to remind drivers to stay in one lane. Pedestrians are free to cross wherever they see fit since cars really don’t stop until the very last possible moment. Another thing that I have seen here is that safety restraints while working construction seem to be optional in addition to steel toed boots. In Manila, too, it seems that there’s no curfew. I’ve never seen so many people out and about at midnight. From where my uncle lives on the tenth floor, it is easy to see pretty much all of Manila and surrounding areas.

Arriving at Manila

Flying into Manila around ten at night

It is in a real convenient location with lots of restaurants and corner stores around. Its gonna be a great time, I can feel it already.

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