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My apologies…

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Aug 022015


I was never any good at journaling! I’m so sorry that haven’t posted. I’m alive and well and having a great time. I’m trying to come up with a way to get back here in January. I’ve been really busy with the internship and I had to give an hour long presentation about my internship to a panel of people. The really liked it and gave me a lot of positive feedback. I was sick for a few days with a sinus infection but the doctor *house calls* gave me a few scripts and I was on the mend in short order. He was concerned that my blood pressure was too high so I had to take it easy for a few days. It’s back to normal now so there’s no problem to continue on with my adventures. I’m sightseeing this coming week so I’ll make sure to post!

A few of us went to the macadamia nut farm just outside of Antigua called Valhalla. It was a beautiful place that’s famous for their macadamia nut pancakes. We took a tour with owners and ate lunch. The owners are great people and very entertaining. We rode the chicken bus back to town, that was entertaining as well. I also signed up for a cooking class at a restaurant. We made chiles rellenos, torillas, guacamole, chilaquilas de guisquil -squash w/cheese fried in batter, fijoles voltedos, rellenitos de plantains, and bunelos rapidos. The last two dishes were desserts. We made the guacamole with fresh spearmint instead of cilantro and I have to say it was very good this way!

I took a salsa lesson…that’s all I’m going to say here. Except, thank goodness no one was taping it!

Over the weekend I went to an awesome restaurant with my friend Geraldine. The Cafe No Se is about as big as a minute, you could take six big steps and be at the other wall of the restaurant.  There was a very steep ladder to climb into a loft where they had six of the smallest tables and stools. I think they built the tables to just fit two plates and two drinks. I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to get down, luckily that had ropes to hang onto. Both the atmosphere and food were great.

I’m leaving in a few minutes to catch a shuttle to the Earth Lodge in El Hato just outside of Antigua. This is an avocado farm on a hillside. There is a BBQ this afternoon and then a family style dinner tonight. It’s all vegetarian food but I’ll manage. I’m excited because I’ve rented a tree house for the night. The views are supposed to be spectacular.

On the agenda this week is visiting a coffee plantation, climbing a volcano, and zip-lining.

I promise to keep you posted!







Weekend 1

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Jul 082015


I had a wonderful weekend! I took a tour of the city on Saturday and then wandered around on my own for a few hours. I went into the roofless ruins of the Catedral de Santiago-wow! It was beautiful inside. while I was visiting there were several first communion classes being held in the ruins. I thought it was great that the space is still used. On Sunday I went to dinner with people from work. We went to San Cristobal de Alto and in a wonderful restaurant on the side of the mountain. It’s a farm to table restaurant and the gardens were just behind our table. The food was fresh and amazing! The view of Antigua great.

My internship is going well. I’m working on a website and creating a brochure along with other marketing materials. Friday we’re going to build furniture for the garden from pallets…I’ll post pictures!


San Cristobal de Alto

First few days

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Jul 012015


I arrived late Sunday night and had the opportunity to see a little volcanic activity. El Fuego volcano is across the way from my host family´s house and there was a beautiful lava show. It´s been spitting and smoking for the last few nights. No one here is nervous, so I won´t worry about it either. I spent the first few days settling in and getting to know my host family. They are very helpful and friendly.

My internship placement started yesterday and should be interesting. I´m working with a small hotel on their marketing. They don´t have an internet presence so we´ll be working on a website, Facebook page, etc. An interesting tidbit…with the income they generate, they rescue street dogs and cats. They gave me a laptop to use for the project and my office is the back garden…not too bad.

Getting ready to go!

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Jun 172015


I’m taking care of a few final details before leaving for my internship in Guatemala. I’ll be working for five weeks (June 29- July 31) and will stay one more week to travel. My Lonely Planet guide is a mess with highlights, red ink, and sticky notes. I can’t wait!


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