Daniel Loura

Daniel Loura

I am a high school senior at Adolfo Camarrilo High School. I have also taken Japanese at Moorpark College. I enjoy scuba diving, traveling, being outside, video games, and Vine.

Day 13

 Posted by Daniel Loura at 6:30 pm  Uganda  Comments Off on Day 13
Jul 132016

Have been forgetting to write. Today we worked at the clinic.

Day 11

 Posted by Daniel Loura at 12:36 am  Uganda  Comments Off on Day 11
Jul 112016

Went back to teaching. I taught the children how to weave. Tomorrow i will teach about the cold war.

Day 9

 Posted by Daniel Loura at 5:50 am  Uganda  Comments Off on Day 9
Jul 092016

Went white water rafting in the Nile.  This was wonderful, I also went bungee jumping.

Day 8

 Posted by Daniel Loura at 5:13 pm  Uganda  Comments Off on Day 8
Jul 082016

I taught preschoolers today.  Me and 4 other volunteers are heading to Jinja for rafting.

Day 7

 Posted by Daniel Loura at 4:13 pm  Uganda  Comments Off on Day 7
Jul 072016

It was pretty good, we took down names at the clinic.  I didn’t take down too many because I had to get the hang of Luganda.  I’ll get there soon.

Day 6

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Jul 062016

The clinic was not very busy today, mostly HIV patients.  Tomorrow is supposed to be a busy day at the clinic.

Day 5

 Posted by Daniel Loura at 11:01 pm  Uganda  Comments Off on Day 5
Jul 042016

My second day teaching was very easy, the children are starting to understand my accent as I theirs.  Tomorrow is Eid so the clinic may not be open.

Day 4

 Posted by Daniel Loura at 3:23 am  Uganda  Comments Off on Day 4
Jul 042016

My first day as a teacher was very nice.  I was called mzungu at first, but then the students called me teacher or master.  Tomorrow is Eid, so there will be no school, so I will work in the house.

Day 3

 Posted by Daniel Loura at 5:46 am  Uganda  Comments Off on Day 3
Jul 032016

It was another great day.  I feel that I am finally feeling at home; I even have an accent now.  Tomorrow is my first day of work as a teacher, I think it will go well.

Day 2

 Posted by Daniel Loura at 3:59 am  Uganda  Comments Off on Day 2
Jul 022016

Today was a good day.  We walked around Mukono and did a little shopping.  I arrived at my project today, while I still feel tired, I can’t wait to get started.

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