Daniel Loura

Daniel Loura

I am a high school senior at Adolfo Camarrilo High School. I have also taken Japanese at Moorpark College. I enjoy scuba diving, traveling, being outside, video games, and Vine.

Day 23

 Posted by Daniel Loura at 6:00 am  Uganda  Comments Off on Day 23
Jul 242016

Leslie drove us back from Jinja. I slept off the party.

Day 22

 Posted by Daniel Loura at 10:47 pm  Uganda  Comments Off on Day 22
Jul 232016

Party on the Nile.

Day 21

 Posted by Daniel Loura at 7:46 pm  Uganda  Comments Off on Day 21
Jul 222016

We gave the kids two volleyballs, they were so happy. I shiped a box home.

Day 20

 Posted by Daniel Loura at 9:51 pm  Uganda  Comments Off on Day 20
Jul 202016

Bought some things in Mukono today. Made a pizza for the Balamu.

Day 19

 Posted by Daniel Loura at 1:24 am  Uganda  Comments Off on Day 19
Jul 202016

Another day at the clinic. Nothing unusual, exept that I’m addicted to street food now.

Day 18

 Posted by Daniel Loura at 5:08 am  Uganda  Comments Off on Day 18
Jul 192016

The school was having mid-terms today…my eyes were on everybody, absolutely no cheating allowed! Did I also mention I tried a cow leg and street rolex today?

Day 17

 Posted by Daniel Loura at 12:50 am  Uganda  Comments Off on Day 17
Jul 182016

Worked at the school again. I gave the students the gifts I brought from the US, their faces made me wish I lived in Uganda!

Day 16

 Posted by Daniel Loura at 7:33 pm  Uganda  Comments Off on Day 16
Jul 172016

Chillout day.

Day 15

 Posted by Daniel Loura at 2:34 am  Uganda  Comments Off on Day 15
Jul 162016

Met some new volunteers at Leslie’s house. Prayed at the mosque again.

Day 14

 Posted by Daniel Loura at 2:24 am  Uganda  Comments Off on Day 14
Jul 152016

Taught about the Cold War at Kabembe Parents School. For the first time, i prayed in a Mosque, it felt wonderful.

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