Kim Kelly

Kim Kelly

This is my first time volunteering. I am really looking forward to it but also dont know quite what to expect!!

Nearly 2 weeks already

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Jul 042013

Now I have been here nearly 2 weeks volunteering feels like “business as usual” so it is getting harder to find something to write about. Still visiting the ophanage and the recycling cente. Working on a project that hopefully will mean the local hostels, hotels etc start to recycle. That would be cool to think some work of mine would have a longer term affect (or is thst effect!). Only one more week to go

End of week one

 Posted by Kim Kelly at 10:26 am  Panama  Comments Off on End of week one
Jun 282013

Week one of three already gone. Going to do a mix of teaching english, working at the orphanage and working in the recycling centre whilst I am here. The kids at the orphanage are funny as with my clear lack of Spanish they keep trying to teach me  spanish words!! Will have a few more words by the time I leave

First day

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Jun 252013

Great day today in the recycling centre. Interesting to see the difference in recycling in NZ and Panama. Will be one of my regular places to go. Also went with another volunteer Susie to the library where she was teaching english to some local kids. I have to work out how to do this myself next week when they can’t speak much english and I speak about the same amount of spanish!!

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Jun 232013

Weekend just about finished here. Feel like I have been here for ages but the volunteering hasn’t even started yet. Looking forward to orientation tommorrow and getting to do some of the things I came here to do. Will let you know what happens. Meanwhile had a three hour hike in the rain today which was great after all that time sitting on planes and buses. Felt like the practice for Oxfam but wetter!!

Haven’t left yet

 Posted by Kim Kelly at 10:25 pm  Panama  Comments Off on Haven’t left yet
Jun 142013

Meant to write this two days ago so I could contemplate my leaving a week before I went. However a couple of days late. Really looking forward to my adventure. Think I am about organised. Need to pack sometime and clearly my trying to learn some spanish is way behind where it should be. Luckily I can still remember how to order a a bottle of white wine and two glasses. Am looking forward to the change of weather and want to ensure when I get to Panama that I do something that is useful to someone other than just myself. At least I have the beanies from the beanie knitting people in Eastbourne to take with with so not all will be lost!!

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