Life of a volunteer in the small but beautiful Ba Vi

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Jan 222014

I arrived at the accommodation Sunday evening. I have volunteered in a few other countries, am a simple girl and don’t need a whole lot of luxuries. My only real requirement is a flushing western toilet. I can sleep on the ground and get by without showers or hot water and eat basic, simple  food if necesary. This accommodation however was certainly a step up from what I have experienced volunteering in the past. W stay in a hotel, not the nicest hotel but we got our own rooms with a double bed (which was rather comfortable), our own ensuite bathroom with a flushing toilet hot shower! The area is beautiful, the hotel is opposite a lake and the town is surrounded by rice paddies, farms and cows wander the streets. I can get quite cold at night since we are in the country side (2 hours outside Hanoi), but it is peaceful and beautiful.
At night the streets are completely dark, there are no street lights but I think that is part of the beauty. you go to sleep to the sound of chickens in the hotel yard and in the morning you wake up and step outside to crisp, refreshing air.
The way the food system works is that the leaders of the organisation give you a food allowance of what is the equivalent of $5Aud a day. This is more than enough as money goes a long way here and dinner alone usually only costs $1.50 – $2. At night there is only one restaurant available but is actually quite nice. Coming here though, you had better get used to noodles, rice and spring rolls. The food is always plentiful though and during the day there are a few more options (and of course you can always purchase food and save it for dinner).
What I will say though is that despite the luxury of having your own room, staying in a hotel does mean a lot less socialising. After a 5 – 8 or sometimes 10 hour day of volunteering, people are eager to get back ad have their own space. I think partly because this is very emotionally draining and in order to b a volunteer here, you have to be very tough and control your emotions, or atleast do so until you are in private. It is so important to stay strong and level headed so you can think clearly and do what is best for the children.

A brief introduction (please read this before reading anything else)

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Jan 222014

I have only been here 3 days but thus far it has been the best, mos rewarding but one of the most difficult things I have ever done. When reading these posts please remember that this is only one persons perspective, and while some things that occur at the orphanage may seem wrong or cruel, there is little to no resources available. People are doing the best they can for the children, are only doing what they think is right,, have the best of intentions and often, there really is no other way of Getting the job done.

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