Mar 052016

I’m on the plane and i’m trying to think of something profound and wise to say but there is a couple next to me making out and I can’t concentrate. Yes, I also find it humorous. To add to the comic relief of my adventure there is a man snoring really loud in the first class section. I feel his pain. On second though, What pain ? He’s snoring so loud I can hear him among us “commoners”. I am joking about the “commoner” part. Actually, i’m not, but I have to write that to maintain my “politically correct” reputation and I get extra points for being politically correct about not being politically correct. Well there goes that long tangent, sorry about that. I’m glad it happened though because it reminded me to warn you…that it will happen a lot. I can’t help it. “Tangent-ville” was created in my brain. Believe me , I have tried.

Anyway, where was I ? Oh yes. My adventurous journey I am supposed to be telling you about. BUT WAIT ! One more tangent ! The lady with the drinks on the plane is passing by. (PERK #1 of flying on a Mexican plane: You get “Jugo del Valle” y “Galletitas Gameza” as your snack ! Heck yes ! “. “Que minute maid ni que nada ! A mi me dan mis galletitas Gameza ! “.

My apologies, I promise we will get to the main point eventually . Well , after I take a bite out of my cookies ! Delicious ! Reminded me of being at Tatas house…Anyway…so my journey actually started last night after work. After an emotional day with my 4th graders I took my lovely Penny-Lane to my beautiful sophies house so that she will be taken care of while im gone. Im happy to report that Penny was thrilled and loves sophie just as much as I do.

My loving mother and I then started our adventure off to Mexico, right after we exchanged some dollars for pesos. She handed me a 20 peso bill and I quizzically looked at her and asked ” Que es esto ? ” (What is this ?). She couldn’t help it and just started laughing at me and didn’t respond. She didn’t have to. I understood exactly what she meant.: ” Ay hija mia, no sabes ni lo que son 20 pesos y te vas sola a Argentina. Que Dios te bendiga por que estas a punto de atravesar golpes en la vida.”  If you don’t know what that means, ask my mom. There is no way I can translate her Mexican-mom thinking and do it justice, and since we are talking about my mom. (“All good things, All good things!” Thank you mom ! Muchas Gracias ! For driving me to Hermosillo so that I wouldn’t have to take a bus alone after work. I love you and I know that you are probably freaking out right now but I promise Ill be safe and smart with everything that I do.

Back to the trip…so I honestly thought I wouldn’t sleep last night because of my nerves. However, I slept like a rock because of my exhaustion. I guess working yourself to a pulp has its pros…

I woke up on time this morning thanks to some vandals that were messing with a car and made the car alarm go off. Thanks guys ! (or girls) I know you were only trying to help me get to my flight on time and reminding me to be vigilant on my trip ! 😉 Anyway, I got to the airport in Hermosillo and it wasn’t as bad as people said it would be. Okay …it kind of was, seeing as how there were construction workers setting up some cement casually outside my airplane window. But hey! Construction is a sign of growth ! Lets me positive people !

On a different note, people look at me weird here. I tried to dress casual and not stand out. I try to act “all Mexican” whatever that means… but I guess my sister is right. I might as well hand a sign around my neck that says “GRINGA”. I guess my little map themed journal and my plastic rubber-band bracelet made by one of my 4th graders doesnt help. Or it could be my “Bambi-deer in the headlights” look I made when they didn’t make me take my shoes off and when they didn’t get intimate with me while making sure I wasn’t some kind of terrorist. No wait ! I know what it was ! It’s my “If the Buddha Dated” book hahaha. Yes really.  Imagine a Mexican reading this book ! “El gordito ese ?!, No pues si el puede encontrar a una vieja pues yo tambien !” hahaha….

Anyway, I’m sitting on the plane now , flying…dreading my 7 hour layover and at the same time feeling grateful for it because it will give me some time to keep my composure. That is , after I re-check in my bag, get my GRINGA permit, eat some food, check my pulse, make sure i’m not doing anything stupid and then make sure I didn’t poop my pants. I hope they sell undies at the airport. hahaha Imagine if they were themed ! ” FIRST TIME FLYING” ….” THE SKY IS THE LIMIT”. hahahhaa that would be a good one… anyway… my apologies to the Global Volunteer Network , im sure this is not the type of journal entree you were expecting me to share with other volunteers. Maybe I will have some more useful innformation later.

One last update: “Senor ronquidos” in first class woke up and is eating a fancy meal, kissy fished next to me finally stopped making out. (That must mean they are on their way back because the honeymoon phase is fading. I have one more hour to go so I’m gonna start reading.
Thank you JC for the awesome books ! Thank you Alex for helping me with my paranoia and checking my phone service !

Next step : Make it through “La Migra” as a “GRINGA” so I can get to Chile from Mexico.

***CONGRATULATIONS*** If you made it through my tangents ;).

Remember, if you are reading this…you are special to me because I am only sharing this link with close friend and family. Cant wait to keep you posted !

Yours Truly,

I lied.. one more thing I forgot to mention is that my favorite part of my trip so far was talking to my amazing, gorgeous, loving nephew before taking off. ***SPOILER ALERT*** He will always be the best part of everything, hands down.



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