Mar 082016

El dia de hoy (Martes) fui a mi projecto por primera vez. A mira ! Ya ni la pense y estoy hablando en espanol derepente ! hahaha how funny…I didn’t even think about it and I just started typing spanish. That has never happened before. I guess I have never been exposed to so many native spanish speakers at once at this magnitude haha. How funny… Anyway, as I was saying…

Today was my first day at the project: “Las Chakras de Merced” is what the town is called. I didn’t get to do much today because I simply had enough time to meet them and get an orientation of the place.  This town is about 15 minutes away from Cordoba. Though it is completely different. As soon as we turned into the town I noticed that it is ridiculously polluted. There is trash everyhere. There is more trash than anything. It is extremely polluted. You can’t breathe without feeling like you’re gonna get sick. I probably will, I barely went one day and Im already coughing a lot. On the bright side though, there is a pharmacy at every block or “manzana” as then call them here, and maybe my immune system will get stronger. Here’s to hoping. Anyway, there is no pavement or concrete, just dirt and mood and flooded streets at the project. Tomorrow will be my first official day and I will take pictures so I can show you. The town “center” consists of a school, a hospital, and Las Omas which is where I volunteer at. Thats it. It’s sad to say but my house and my classroom put together are bigger than the “town center”.

I will be getting to and from Las Omas every day on a bus. Here they call busses colectivos, or omnibus, not camion. I go on bus 68 which drops me off pretty close to where I live and school. It’s very convenient. The comfort level, thats a different story. However, the authenticity is there without a doubt.

The women and children that I met today are all incredible. They all have a different story, though I have not heard them all yet. I met some of the children and they are so loving . They just jump on you and sweetly ask “Vos de donde Sos ?” (Where are you from ?) hahahah even the children can tell ” I aint from around these parts 😛 . ”


Everyone here calls me Estephy, and I like it. It sounds loving. On a different note….Argentinians and their kissing !!!! You can enter a room with 50 people and you have to kiss every single one of them when you come in the room or you are considered rude. I know Mexicans do it as well , but I didn’t know it was that strict ! I find it kind of funny. What if I go home and accidentally start kissing everyone ?

My Spanish professor is AWESOME ! He is a really good teacher and I feel that I am learning more spanish than I have ever learned before. I get spanish lessons every day from 4-6 until I leave. I am the only one in my class because they put us into groups by level and I speak more spanish than the Germans and the French haha. It’s probably NOT because my family is MEXICAN that surely has nothing to do with it. 😉

Anyway, thats a little bit more about what has been happening around here. It’s been raining at night and there have been thunderstorms. I have never experienced such loud thunder before !


I want you all to know i’m wearing mosquito repellent like perfume so don’t freak out, ill be fine. Also , the food is delicious ! The EMPANADAS….yummmmmmm I want another one…
Don’t worry mom…I wont get fat…I walk around all day non stop  haha…

Anyway, I apologize for the bad grammar and disorganized train of thoughts I have delivered to you. I feel exhausted and I’m trying to write about everything that comes to mind but…did I mention I’m exhausted ? … I need sleep. I really love this feeling though. Feeling accomplished and passing out like a rock.

Im barely about to have dinner though. Thats another thing thats different here. Their schedules are very different. They have dinner really late and wake up late and come back from work in the middle of the day to have lunch “merienda” together… they close everything early and during the weekend absolutely nothing is open. It’s strange. I know that its because of the value of “family time”. I think that its great that family is so important ! But I can honestly say that I would go crazy if we did this in the U.S … sometimes you just need your In N Out fix , you know ? …. :( I shouldn’t have said that…now I want animal fries and I’m not getting any … any time soon.

but I have EMPANADAS !!! Muahahahaha ^_^

I will start being more organized with my updates :) well… I will TRY haha


Goodnight everyone ! I am sending you a BIG BIG BIG Hug .

Feliz Dia de la Mujer !
(Side note before I leave. My day was very special because I got to talk to the most important women in my life (my family) and I got to meet new , strong women who I know will touch my life deeply throughout the next two weeks. I will never forget this day !

Time to go eat and finish my homework….

Buenas noches !!!!!

Muah !

Yours Truly,
“Estephy” haha :)


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