Posted by Stephanie Jimenez at 11:26 am  Argentina
Mar 082016

Hello everyone ! I apologize for the delay . I have spent the last two days trying to adjust to my new environment. I hope you are all doing great. Here is a short update before I get picked up to go to my project . :)

So …the good news… I’M ALIVE ! I made it !!! Liam Neeson didn’t have to come and rescue me yay ! I mean don’t get me wrong , that guy is awesome , and I would love to meet him. Just not under the “Taken” kind of circumstances. I mean I’m proud of him for his “set of aquired skills” but I think I’ll pass. Thanks though ! ūüėČ

I made it to Argentina and went through a “shock period” that I had never experienced before. I have traveled with my family and with the ambassadors of music before, but never alone. I am glad I have this experience now though. I am learning so many new things that will help me be a better person and I am very grateful for this opportunity.

Initially, when I barely got here I was going to write to you guys explaining how much I hate Argentina and that it was a big mistake to come here and that coming here was the stupidest thing I had ever done. Well, now that I have spent a little more time here, I realized that my reaction was a reflection of myself and not the city I’m in : Cordoba.

Let me explain : I got here and thought. “It smells so bad ! How am I going to be able to stand this ? The pollution is horrible , I’m gonna die in a week with all of this contamination ! ” ,” The people here are so rude and arrogant ! “, “Everything is so ugly here ! There is nothing to see “, “Everything is so weird and different ! My room is tiny and old looking! “”Their accent is so annoying, I’m so tired of hearing it! ” ” I feel so sick and unsafe , I want to go home !” “Argentina is the worst place I have been to !”.

Those were my thoughts when I arrived on Sunday. Yesterday, these were my thoughts :
” Wow I feel so accomplished being able to find my way around this big city ! “, ” The people here speak Spanish so eloquently and their accents sound pretty. ”¬†¬†“It’s so green here ! “, “Yay I’m making new friends from other countries!” “The food here is so delicious ! “, ” Argentinians are very kind people ! ” , ” They have beautiful churches, cathedral and wonderful buildings full of so much culture and history !” “I love the smell, it always smells like yummy empanadas and rain ! ”

What a change of mind on my part , right ? Completely different thoughts. I have one word… Perspective.

When I got here, I was only paying attention to everything that was negative. Granted it was probably because I had not slept in more than a day and was completely disoriented with the time difference and climate change and emotional change. I learned that sometimes our circumstances affect the way we see things. I was tired, and hungry and scared when I got here. Therefore, everything that I saw was negative .

The next day though, after I got enough sleep and was able to adjust more than when I initially got here , I looked at things with a fresh perspective. I went to my school orientation, got tested into a spanish class and made new friends: Julian, Gaspard, Clara, and Laura.  They are from France and Germany. We went to go eat together after our orientation and it was wonderful. They are lovely people.  Tomorrow we will be going to a salsa class together , things will surely get interesting.

I can’t wait to share more of this short adventure.

Hope you are well

Yours Truly,
Steph or as they call me here ” Estephy”


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