Primera dia

 Posted by Delia Downes at 11:52 am  Argentina
Jun 092014

For my sake and for all those reading I will proceed in English, although I must say being fully immersed in Spanish is definitely going to improve my language skills.  It is difficult, but fun.  Perhaps not having to pass a test or get a grade is adding to the enjoyment and lessening the stress.  I got here yesterday about noon and to my host home about 2.  My hosts are Nora and Carlos.  I have a picture that I will post later this week.  I just want to get started.  Of course Nora fed me upon arrival, empanadas, very good.  I met her daughter, son in law and granddaughter but I was particularly thrilled to meet Morea, their terrier that looks and acts remarkably like Grati my terrier who I was afraid of missing tremendously.  While I will still miss Grati it is nice to have Morea around.  I took a long nap yesterday and had another meal upon awakening and struggled to have conversation but did ok.  Today, Monday, I went into to Central Cordoba by taxi to go to school.  I got there at 9 and left at 6 pm, taking the bus home without incident.  Pretty good.  We had a lesson on Argentina’s history.  It is very dark with military coups and revolutions, lots of bloodshed and tragedy but they seem to be on a good course now.  The economy however is struggling and all the people seem to effected.  I may go into that more later but for now I can only say I realize how spoiled I am as an American, lucky and yes grateful but really spoiled.  Even those that have here lead simple and challenging lives.  We also took a tour of the city.  It is not so big but very busy and crowded.  There are a lot of young people as there are about 10  universities in the surrounding area and the second largest university in South America is in the center of Cordoba.  The weather is great so far.  Being the end of autumn I do not think it cold at all, but the natives do.  I showed them photos of our past winter so that they can feel better about the coming months.  Tomorrow I have school again, the rest of the week in fact but not all day.  The hours going forward are 2 pm to 6 pm and next Monday I begin work with the children and the horses.  I am really tired now, so I will call it a day.  Buenas noches.





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