My home in Cordoba

 Posted by Delia Downes at 1:50 pm  Argentina
Jun 122014

Here are Nora and Carlos my hosts in Argentina.  I will have to take a better picture of them another time.  I just snapped this the other day while they were both fiddling with a camera trying to figure it out.  Electronics, baffling people around the world.  They are very sweet and helpful.  I have spent a lot of time with Nora doing my best to converse in my poor but improving Spanish and she is so patience and helpful.  She speaks very slowly and is very animated so that when I do not understand a word, she definitely gets the meaning across.  I go to school by bus in the late morning.  Class begins at 2 and goes until 6 at which time I return home also by bus.  The one thing about being in Argentina this time of year is that it is winter.  It really is not that cold, especially compared to the winter we had in the US this past year, but it gets dark early.  I can handle the lower temperatures,  but I really don’t like the early darkness.

This is the front of my home.  Very picturesque, don’t you think? It is the only house on the block with flowers.  There is an enormous poinsettia plant right inside the gates as well, with giant red flowers.  These bright flowers make for a good landmark when I get off the bus so I know where I am going.  I have not yet figured out the bus system.  All I know is that there are at least a dozen bus lines that come by that I can take into the city and home and they all come to this neighborhood and the vicinity of the school.  I have not yet however, figured out what makes them different.  I may never.

This morning before school I walked to the top of a hill in the local park and took this picture of Cordoba in the distance.   I feel like I  have been away from home for a very long time and it has only been a few days.  It is amazing how time warps when everything around you is unfamiliar.  I knew this about the unfamiliar and even though I was expecting it, the experience is still surprising.  I can hear Morea playing outside my door.  She plays with a beat up plastic bottle, a doggie toy and recycled favorite of Grati’s as well.  Well I wanted to provide some photos for you to get a feel for where I am.  I have a picture of my teacher Belen, but it is turned sideways and I can’t figure out yet how to turn it the right way.  So I will either take another photo tomorrow or figure it out, but now it is time for bed.  All is well in  Cordoba.  Buenas noches





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