July 10 for Jacob

 Posted by Delia Downes at 11:52 am  Argentina
Jul 102014

July 10, Thursday.  It’s been an intense day for me.  I started out trying to provide the Brazilian Consulate with all the documentation needed to get a visa, so I can travel to Iguzu Falls next week on the Argentine border and go to the Brazilian side.  A fairly simple request but a very complicated process, with lots of documents to present and a fairly hefty payment for 3 days travel.  Everything, and all my concerns for anything else came to a screeching halt upon hearing from a dear friend that her 22 year old son was on life support and things were not looking good.  Suddenly everything stops, all priorities are reshuffled, in fact the deck is tossed aside and we are, I am speechless, helpless, powerless and sorrowful.  All I want to do is comfort my friend, so I can comfort myself.

I had been listening to Wayne Dyer earlier speaking about living the Tao, verse 9, “Enough is Enough.”  You cannot fill the cup beyond its capacity, you cannot sharpen the blade beyond its perfect edge or it becomes dulled.  Enough is enough, the universe knows its capacity and more is not always better, or necessary or healthy, when more is less, less is more.  Then I thought about the cacti I had written about that I saw growing on the hillsides in Pumamarca:

We see the cacti growing toward the sky

How do they live in a place so dry

So dry so bare and  – why?

Then we stop, we cannot answer

Even when we try

Some questions are unanswerable

Begging us to accept and our logic to defy.

I thought about the cacti again today

Does the landscape miss them when they die and decay

Will the landscape miss me when I go away

Then I stop. I gasp. I stop. I breathe. No I don’t think it will.

But someone may.


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