I’m doing this

 Posted by Delia Downes at 6:49 am  Argentina
May 142014

So “I’m doing this.”  I keep saying that.  I’m retiring after  working at the same company for 29 years. I’m going to Argentina to volunteer in an Equine Therapy Program helping disabled children.  I’m going to be living with an older couple, really not much older than I; and if all goes right, I’ll be coming home in three months, speaking Spanish.  “I’m doing this.”  The last time I felt like this and said “I’m doing this,”   I was single and pregnant.  That was 30 years ago.  It’s all very exciting and everything will be new, at least to me.  I’m not much for social media, Twitter or Facebook, etc.  but I will learn cause “I’m doing this too” a blog. So I hope I get the hang of it for anyone who wants to follow.

Just a few more days left of work, then a break, then  off to Argentina, June 7.  I’ll check in again then if not sooner.  Adios


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