Father’s Day

 Posted by Delia Downes at 1:32 am  Argentina
Jun 162014

Today is Father’sDay, I suppose around the world.  I was surprised to learn that it is celebrated in Argentina.  I don’t know why, I just was.  Nora did not seem to think it an important day.  Not that fathers are not important or mothers for that matter but her take on it is like that of a lot of people.  It’s a Hallmark holiday, commercialized for commercial gain.  If we really care about our parents they should know it every day or at least most days.

I wore a locket around my neck today with my father’s picture in it.  This was my commemoration of my love for him.  As a young girl with a sick mother, who was always on the verge of death, I often bargained with god to take dad and leave mom.  She was just so much more important to me at the time.  I honestly thought I would die shortly after she did, but that didn’t happen and I got left with dad.  Even though I resented god at the time for not listening to me and for taking the most important person in world from me, I realize it was a better plan in the long run.  Dad needed us and we needed him, and after many years I began to know him better, as a person and not just as my dad.  He was a real character, he had integrity and an enormous heart especially for his children.  I am truly grateful to be his daughter.

Today there were 3 dads present.  Carlos the dad and grandad, Santiago his son-in-law and Diego, Santiago’s brother.  We celebrated with an asado, or barbeque with lots of meat.  Like in the US the men manage the grill.  It was a really nice family gathering.  The family is very affectionate to each other in a demonstrative way, I suppose typical of their culture, but unfamiliar to me.  Not just the quick peck on the check in greeting but more so.  For example while one of the boys was speaking with his grandmother he took a strand of hair and tucked it behind her ear.  I thought about a 15 year old boy doing that at home and just couldn’t see it.


Of course after the meal we came home and Carlos, Nora and I watched Argentina play in the World Cup.  It was not the most exciting game but Argentina won.  That should make for a good beginning to the work week tomorrow.  I’ve watched a number of games since Thursday when the World Cup began and to date I think the most exciting game was Chile and Australia.  Though Australia lost they played a good game but Chile was awesome. I spoke in Spanish all day as I do everyday I am not in school, since no one speaks English.  I think I did ok.  The family thought I was great, but I struggle so much.  Tomorrow is my last day of school before I begin my volunteer project on Tuesday.  I hope I know enough Spanish to get by.


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