Posted by Delia Downes at 7:47 pm  Argentina
Aug 022014

I was a smoker for 15 years and quit back in 1986.  I understand the addiction, but hate to see people smoke.  My son smokes and it breaks my heart because among other things it is just so unhealthy and I really don’t know any smoker that doesn’t wish they could quit. In the US at least the last time I looked, on the skinny side of each pack of cigarettes is the “WARNING:  The Surgeon General…blah, blah, blah.”  A fairly benign caution for such a deadly activity.   Well here in Argentina, though still a country full of smokers, there are very explicit, large warnings on the cigarette packs.  I wonder if it has any effect.  I don’t know.   I think my pride more than anything else may prevent me from taking out a pack twenty times a day to smoke, with these warnings boldly written on the broad side.  Or imagine being on a date, in a romantic setting, having an intimate conversation and one of these is sitting on the table between you. Kills the mood if nothing else.  Don’t you think?  


Even in another language the message is understood and if not the graphics certainly get the point across.  Caution:  Graphics are disturbing but not nearly as disturbing as the reality they represent,

I must apologize to those that may be repulsed by these pictures but I am compelled to share regarding both the beautiful and the ugly.  And certainly their intention is to repulse.  If you smoke please quit.  Somebody loves you.




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