Jul 032014

All is well in Cordoba and I while I worked a little bit last week, the director of the Equine Therapy program, Ricardo,  became very ill with pneumonia and could not be there for most of the week.  As a result the entire program was shut down.  While I only worked one day all by myself,  I did my best.  I spent about 3 hours cleaning the paddock removing wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow full of manure.  I was quite pleased with the look of it by the time I was done and was hoping to be able to keep it that way, but then found out I would not be back for the rest of the week.  Now that I’ve returned this week and Ricardo was exceedingly grateful for the work I did, I’ve learned a clean paddock is not a priority.

Since the program was closed I went back to school for a few days.  My Spanish language skills are not great so the more help I get the better I will be.  On Saturday I went with a group from school to Candonga, a beautiful spot in the Sierras Chicas close to Cordoba.  We spent the day doing my favorite thing, riding horses.  We rode for about 3 hours in the morning then had a good lunch of grilled meats and salad followed by another 2 hours ride along a river.  Nothing beats a day like that in my book.  I was the only one in our group that was an experienced rider so I had an especially good time.  Salvador, the man with the horses invited me back any time and I will certainly have to take him up on that.  Candongo was an old settlement, trading point back in the 1700s.  The original church and mill is still there but now there is a small resort as well with a restaurant and a bit of lodging.  They raise all their own crops and livestock, really a small piece of heaven.



Following this great weekend,  I got back to work in earnest and today had about 25 children attending the program.  It was a particularly beautiful day with high temperatures and abundant sunshine.  We had so many children that we had to use 3 horses at one time and one of the counselors walked with some of the children on the third horse.  It was just Ricardo and me today.  I do not know how he would do this without my help especially since he is not feeling great so I felt very useful today.  I am altering my schedule to accommodate the volume of students we expect for the weeks coming, so I will be working in the mornings Monday, Wednesday and Friday and in the afternoons, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Here is a photo of one of my favorite riders.  His name is Diego, he is so happy to be on a horse it reminds me of myself.  He is also so respectful and grateful of me and the time spent in the program.  I am sure, despite his disabilities, that he will work to make the most of his situation and succeed in this life because of his positive attitude.

Diego on Poli


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